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Since 1993, the leading track system in S gauge railroading. Packaged in our train sets and sold separately. We, and our customers, believe this is the most realistic track system ever made in any scale. The reasons are as follows:

  1. Weathered .148 rail. On the real railroads the rail is rusted in various shades, even when new.
  2. Tie height, width, length and spacing between the ties are modeled from the real main lines.
  3. Skewing of the ties, which means the ties are not parallel with oine another. In fact, real track are sometimes 10° skewed from one another.
  4. Spike plates, spikes, wood graining and color are represented in a realistic fashion.
  5. Quiet, not like hollow rails or noisy, hollow plastic roadbed.
  6. Solid, non-corrosive brass rail and tough ABS sold plastic ties withstand drilling and soldering.
  7. This rail has twice the electrical conductivity of nickel silver. Easy to bend and work with.


  • All of our rail is .1482 in height. Do not confuse with #155 (pound) rail which is about 20% smaller.
  • All curved track is 1/12 section of a circle.
  • Turnout curve is equal to a 1/2 section of 27" radius track.
  • Rail joiners are included with sectional track and turnouts.
  • Small flanged scale trains will need a small modification.
  • Instructions are included.
  • American Flyer type trains will need no modifications.

Rail differences between American Flyer and American Models track