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4-8-4 Northern

Actual photo of working pre-production model

The largest 4-8-4 prototype ever built, Sante Fe's war time 2900's First time ever modeled in S scale, in development almost 3 years! 23 inches long - Die cast - Engine weight over 4 lbs - Total weight over 6 lbs


  • Die cast boiler, frame, wheel centers, pilot, cab trucks, tender and trucks
  • Metal wire details
  • Headlight
  • Powerful 5 pole motor
  • Smoke (with on/off switch)
  • Choo choo chug sound with 2 chug per revolution mechanical piston drive unit
  • All 16 tender wheels are flanged and pick up electrical current.
  • Fully compatible with AF 20" radius track.
  • Limited production run.

Our second run of Northerns include different engine numbers from the first run and a LED Headlight.