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FM Train Master

The locomotive made 15 years ahead of its time, the H-24-66 Fairbanks Morse 2400 horsepower "Train Master" made in 1953 and 54. Monster power for all AF layouts.

Free turning roof fan with brass grill.

Free turning cooling fans with brass grill.

Our Train Master locomotive features:

  • All new drive system with
    sprung 'Gription®' wheel-sets, greater traction and electrical conduction.
  • All versions include a larger 5 pole motor with large flywheel and heavy die cast frame.
  • All versions include fine DX features, wire grab irons and lost wax brass stanchions.
  • All versions include five free turning fans and see-though fan grills.
  • All versions include 'bright' LED directional headlights.
  • Runs on original 20" radius American Flyer track.
  • Dual units sets come with dual engine numbers.