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The Electro-motive division of General Motors (EMD) made the most popular of all first generation engines ever made, with over 4200 units sold. The combination of ease of maintenance and power finally evolved to the point where railroads could rely on diesels for all service requirements with the introduction of the F-7. Our model is the FP-7, which EMD called a heavy passenger/ freight locomotive. These were equipped with a 600 gallon water tank and boiler for heating passenger cars. The extra 4 feet and weight made these a favorite with engineers as the weight provided better traction for its 1500 hp, especially in mountainous terrain. 376 were built in many road names from 1949 to 1953. Some are still running today.

Our B unit is a standard late model unit with dynamic breaking and "Far-Air" grills (same as A units above). These grills were usually unpainted in stainless steel.

Note: "A" units are the front units with windshields and side cab windows. "B" units are the units behind with the side port hole windows only. "B" units are sold as powered or with sound units installed. Sound volume and sensitivity to the transformer used can be adjusted, instructions are included.

FP-7 locomotive features:

  • One of the most accurate nose contours ever made in this model, extra pains were taken to ensure accuracy.
  • Finely cut fans, louvers and other details.
  • Heavy die-cast frame with headlight assembly.
  • Steel wheels, operating coupler and a three position electronic reverse unit on all AC hi-rail versions.
  • New one piece windshield set and port hole windows.
  • Headlights with lighted number boards.
  • Most realistic sound system made (with two speakers AC only).
  • All wheels powered (in A units).
  • Gription® traction wheels standard.
  • New, closer mounted rear coupler for prototype appearance and tight radius track.
  • A flywheel drive system with the highest efficiency rating ever tested by the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA Bulletin, December, 1983). This drive is incorporated into all of our locomotives.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Newly designed two and three unit box with polyfoams.