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American Locomotive Companies PA's are regarded as the most beautiful passenger locomotives ever made. Built from 1946 to 1953, they were powered with the highest rated powerplant at the time - 2000 hp. Sometimes called "jets" because of its GE turbine whining sound.

For years we wanted to make an accurate model with proper nose contours, roof radius and details. Other manufactures missed many important details in manufacturing this model. We spared no expense and took extra pains to provide modelers with a great model.

Alco PA-1 A-B-A set features:

  • All twelve wheels powered in the "A" units.
  • Heavy die cast frame.
  • Headlights with all windows and port hole windows glass.
  • Dual motors and three flywheels in each "A" unit.
  • Electronic three position reverse unit in both "A" units.
  • Operating couplers and fully compatible with "American Flyer" trains.
  • Real Sound™ in the "B" units, (with two speakers) even reproduces the GE turbine "whine" at higher speeds.

    ABA units are shipped completely assembled, tested and ready to run.

    Photos of the actual power units are available:

  • AC Power Unit
  • DC Power Unit

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