American Flyer compatible S gauge trains from American Models

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Quality American Flyer compatible S scale model trains.

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Couplers and Trucks
American Models Trucks, Wheelsets and Couplers


4-8-4 Oil Tender Trucks
$39.95/ pr484TK

K4 Style Tender Trucks
$30.00/ pr6WHK4

6 Wheel Tender Trucks
$35.00/ pr6WHTK

4 Wheel Tender Trucks
$30.00/ pr4WHTK

Snaplock (2 pair)

Operating Freight (1 pair, AF)

Operating Passenger (1 pair, AF)

Locos and Cabs (1 pair, AF)
Dummy Loco (1 pair, AF)$1.75CPL603D
Dummy Scale Passenger (1 pair)$1.50CPL604
Operating Loco Coupler (1 pair, AF)
for PA, E8, TM, SD60, and U25B Locos) *must specify type at checkout*
Loco shoulder screw (each)$1.00SCS205
Kadee Scale (2 pair package)$7.49802

Spine Car Coupler

Talgo mounted gear box cover with coupler, for rear of 4 wheel truck F units.
Scale Coupler Pad, Pair$1.00SCP
Qty.Trucks and Wheelsets
Budd wheelset 36" (4), Hi-Rail$8.98804HR

Budd wheelset 36" (4), Scale
Insulated Wheelset, 36" steel, scale$1.25 ea.802S
Wheelset (4), 28" Hirail$5.50WSTHR
Wheelset (4), 28" Scale$5.50WSTS
Brass Wheelset (4), 33" Hirail$5.50WBSHR
Brass Wheelset (4), 33" Scale$5.50WBSS
Loco Wheelset w/ gear, Hi-Rail$5.95810HR
Loco Wheelset w/ gear, Scale$5.95810S

Loco Wheelset w/ gear and Gription tire, Hi-Rail
Rubber tire for diesel Gription wheel$0.75 ea790E023d

Freight, Bettendorf, sprung, Hi-Rail
$9.95 pair820HR

Freight, Bettendorf, sprung, Scale
$9.95 pair820S

50 ton Roller Bearing, Hi-Rail
$8.75 pair822HR

50 ton Roller Bearing, Scale
$8.75 pair822S

Caboose, Bettendorf, Hi-Rail
$8.50 pair827HR

Caboose, Bettendorf, Scale
$8.50 pair827S
Lightweight Passenger, Hi-Rail
$8.50 pair840HR
Lightweight Passenger, Scale
$8.50 pair840S

Heavyweight Passenger, 4 wheel, Hi-Rail
$10.00 pair842HR

Heavyweight Passenger, 4 wheel, Scale
$10.00 pair842S

Heavyweight Passenger, 6 wheel, Hi-Rail
$11.50 pair860R

Heavyweight Passenger, 6 wheel, Scale
$11.50 pair860S

Budd passenger trucks, Hi-Rail
$26.00 pair844HR

Budd passenger trucks, Scale
$26.00 pair844S

Superliner passenger trucks, Hi-Rail
$9.00 pair846HR

Superliner passenger trucks, Scale
$9.00 pair846S
2-56 1/8" screw$.10 ea.SC125
2-56 screw, trucks (state type)$.25 ea.SC250
Electrical pickup spring for rolling stock
*must specify type at checkout*
$2.65 pairSPE

11770 Green Oak Industrial Dr
Whitmore Lake, MI 48189
Tel: 734-449-1100
Fax: 734-449-0335
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